NOT BORING Madrid Walking Tour 🐴🤴🏻

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Let me take you on MY historical walking tour of Madrid! Sprawling plazas, historic restaurants, grand palaces, hidden corners, dark stories of missing bodies and shocking tales of Spanish Inquisition – the history of the Spanish capital has it all. So grab a cup of coffee or glass of vermouth vermouth, and settle in! Venga, let’s go!

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History is my second love, after food. And in fact, sometimes I think it might be my first love!

When I moved to Madrid I fell in love with the city’s history. While the Spanish capital may not be the oldest city in Europe, it was much older than New Zealand! And it was full of so many wonderful stories of intrigue, had been the home of so many fascinating people, and the centre of so many dramatic events in Spanish history.

So in this walking tour – which is based on the tour I designed when I designed Devour Tours’ most popular Tapas, Taverns & History Tour – I take you through the history of Madrid, starting at the beginning and right up to the civil war.

Here are the places we stop:

1. Plaza de Oriente: Location of Madrid’s royal palace and the spot where the city was founded!

2. Plaza de Ramales: Where Spain’s most famous painter – Diego de Velazquez – may be buried!

3. Calle del Factor: Gorgeous views of the cathedral, the Royal Palace and the Casa del Campo (the old royal hunting grounds, now an enormous public park).

4. Calle de la Almudena: The admittedly not so impressive remains of an old church. But I love the statue of the Curios Neighbour, and also knowing that this was the former location of a mosque.

5. Calle de San Nicolás: Love this little hidden corner with Madrid’s oldest standing church from the 12th century (and which potentially is the site of a former mosque

6. Plaza de la Villa: Once the most important square in the city!

7. Calle del Codo: Love this tiny little hidden street – also the location of the famous cookie nuns!

8. Plaza Puerta Cerrada: Right at the top of Calle Cava Baja (tapas heaven!), and where the famous motto of Madrid can be read on the walls – “Over water my walls of fire are built.”

9. Plaza Mayor: The city’s main historic square – site of inquisition trials, bull fights, fires and the Christmas market.

10. Puerta del Sol: The people’s square! Home of protests, uprisings and New Year’s Eve celebrations!

11. Casa del Abuelo: Amazing garlic prawns, cooked right before your eyes!

12. Plaza Santa Ana: A gorgeous square surrounded by cafes and bars, and with my favourite statue in Madrid of Federico García Lorca.

13. Calle Lope de Vega: The final resting place (we think!) of Spain’s most famous author – Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote)



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Hola, Spain lovers! I’m James Blick. Spain is my passion! Its food, its culture, its history and its people. And I get a massive kick out of sharing everything I’ve learned with visitors to this country. My mission? To help you have a true, rich and delicious experience in Spain! If that sounds like something you’re into, then I’d love you to subscribe and join this community of Spain lovers!

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33 thoughts on “NOT BORING Madrid Walking Tour 🐴🤴🏻

  1. Awesome video James! Love the history behind Madrid and Spain 🇪🇸. Am planning to visit Spain the summer of 2020! Keep your fingers crossed 🤞. I will let you know when we get there. Hopefully we can meet up some day. Wish you guys a happy New Year 🎆🎈🎊

  2. Hi James! I have just recently found your channel as i will be traveling to Barcelona in Feb 2020 and i have no clue what to do there! I just kink of picked Barcelona randomly because i will be working in Copenhagen for a few weeks and it was a relatively cheap flight, and i'm a little obsessed with Spain culture! I'm looking at signing up for your Tapas and Wine crawl. My 1st concern is getting from the airport to my hotel. Would you mind giving some advice to a yankee with no clue? I am staying at the Caledonian Hotel. And please warn me away from there if you know better thatn i!

  3. I like to go round Vallecas where a lot of different South American Nationalities live and have their own football club Rayo, some say it's a rough area but I've never had a problem., just saw a few Peruvians pissed up earlier this year on the day of the feast of San Isidro, but we're totally harmless.

  4. I'm sorry, but in fact that is just a theory. There is another story about the name of Madrid and they think that the Romans named the city and that the name might come from the world Matriz soo I'm sorry ,but that's not a fact.

  5. James this is by far one of my favorite videos, I love how you showed history with a different view. I really hope this inspires you to do more videos like this and we get to enjoy them as well. Thank you!

  6. Hi. I have a question about walking in the streets in Spain. My favorite mode of transport is walking and where I'm from I used to walk a lot, sometimes even hours between long distances (uni, work, errands) if I had the time. Now I'm in the US and here not only the urban design is not suitable for walking, if you insist on doing it you will be constantly approached by the homeless/muggers/mentally ill/… to an extent that it makes walking very unpleasant and almost impossible for me (as an introvert having a stranger walking up to me and shout at me is very jarring, and when it happens 10 times during a short walk it becomes unbearable). How is it in Spain? Can you walk many blocks without being repeatedly approached?

  7. La verdad que es una pena que el vídeo ya empiece con uno de los clásicos clichés que a los anglos les enseñan sobre España: la Inquisición. Habrá matado a mil veces de personas más el imperio británico que la inquisición. Una pena porque parecía un tío Interesante y majete.

  8. Wow! That was a very informative video … I have always been an (armchair) history buff myself, so this episode was really right up there with your best efforts. Also, the bit about the inquisition made me remember this discourse (video) about the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa. Both my parents are from Goa and so this is actually the history of my ancestors … do watch it at your convenience. Thanx so much for everything …

  9. James, Feliz Navidad a ti y Yoli!

    While we were in Madrid earlier this month we happened upon a construction site turned archeological dig just to the north of the Royal Palace. A passer by told us that while constructing a new street, they uncovered the ruins. I've googled but can't find any news on it. My theory after watching this is that they may be what's left of a settlement outside of the Moorish Fortress that was on the site of the Palacio Real.

    As a resident, can you shed some light on these ruins? They are just in front of the Senado.


  10. Wow! I love history too, loved the way you energized the stories, so professionally done. I think you should have a traveling history segment channel. I'm impressed with the quality, editing and energy you conveyed while telling the story. You're a natural at this, honestly, if I had seen this video for the first time not knowing it was from you. I would've though it was done by BBC or the history channel. Wow, I can't say enough, I was blown away, kudos to you! Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and Yoli.

  11. Excellent and riveting video! To answer your question, YES, we need more history videos. Similar videos about Sevilla and Barcelona would be a good next step. After that, more in depth videos about Madrid's history could include: Hapsburg Madrid, Bourbon Madrid, Napoleonic Madrid, Revolutionary Madrid, etc.

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