21 thoughts on “HOA sells home at auction

  1. Frank is kin to someone on the HOA! And where are copies of the notices that the HOA is required to give the owner? A fish stinks from the head ( HOA ) back ( the members of the board of the HOA ).

  2. Frank with no shirt on and wearing shorts. Looks like a media ambush to push a narrative. I dont trust the media. Probably getting half the story. Lady loosing her house. Frank's money tied up in a legal mess. Both can both be victims. The HOA is the villian. Unable to get a HOA representative to appear on camera, Darcy rolls up to Frank's house and sees him shirtless messing around in his garage. "White & male", fair game. She proceeds to interview him for several minutes and then takes selective clips to make him appear petty, "I need a larger space". For all we know he and the reporter were joking about cluttered spaces and why he rented a storage unit. Dont think for a moment that reporters will not selective edit a story in that way.

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