Best Android Customisation Apps (2019)

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My favourite customisation apps for your Android smartphone in 2019, including the best launchers, wallpaper apps, icon packs and tools for changing your navigation bar.

While launchers are the easiest way of customising and configuring your Android mobile, you can also control individual elements such as the wallpapers, notifications panel and status bar. You can find the following on Google Play, to download right now.

For the best launcher options in 2019 (including Nova, Evie, ADW, AIO and more), check out my two round-up videos:

My favourite icon pack is Appstract, which is free to download from Google Play.

For wallpapers, check out Walli, which allows you to set up a playlist of your favourite designs – including anime and manga pics. Another popular choice is Abstruct, which features a big bundle of colourful designs from the official creator of the OnePlus backgrounds. Plus,
an all-in-one customisation solution that’s been around awhile is Zedge.

For your Android notifications panel, try MIUI-ify Notification Shade or Bottom Quick – both of which shift it to the bottom of your phone’s display. PowerShade is more traditional, with decent customisation options.

Navbar Apps and Muviz are good apps for tweaking the navigation bar, while Powerline can be used to setup the status bar.

Got your own recommendations for the greatest customisation apps of 2019? Let me know below!


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27 thoughts on “Best Android Customisation Apps (2019)

  1. I use the Android gestures and unfortunately they don't go well with the apps with notification bar on the bottom. I wish they change this because is horrible try to reach the top of some phones with one hand.

  2. Some of these apps I already have been using but some of them I never heard of before and I definitely like them. Customization is a big thing for me. I'm glad I found this video.

  3. For people with Samsung devices, there is Good Lock, available on the Galaxy Store. Super customisable and made by Samsung, so hardly any performance and battery loss.

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