ATP Stars Build the Perfect Tennis Player!

Thể Thao

Forehand, backhand, serve, return, movement & touch – if you could pick one player for each, who would it be? Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round:

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25 thoughts on “ATP Stars Build the Perfect Tennis Player!

  1. sascha didn’t lie tho he is up there! yall are funny so the boy can’t be confident and proud of himself! he picked others for every category expect backhand he said novak and me and yall are mad over the truth lol

  2. First serve: Federer(Serves the best under pressure)
    Second serve: Federer(best kicker)
    Forehand: Thiem
    Backhand: Thiem
    Slice: Federer
    Touch from the baseline: Federer
    Touch at net: Nadal
    Overall volley game: Federer
    Defense: Djokovic
    Speed: Monfils
    Return: Djokovic
    Mental game: Nadal
    Consistency: Nadal
    Flirt with or provoking reporters: Kyrgios 😀

  3. Federer’s forehand is excellent but unfortunately only when he’s attacking. His forehand isn’t as effective when he defends with it. Also his forehand has more chances for unforced errors. On the other hand Rafa’s forehand is super effective in both defence and offence and the loopy top spin he adds to it not only makes his opponents uncomfortable but also gives him an insurance that it’ll clear the net most of the time. He could also flatten it out like does in Wimbledon & still be as effective. From a technical pov I think Rafa’s forehand could be better overall while Federer’s forehand is better only if we’re comparing FH during attack.

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