alpha m. CLOSET TOUR | Check Out my CRAZY Wardrobe!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is giving you a tour of his closet. His wardrobe is not a minimalist wardrobe — has three of them. He’s breaking it down for you including some of the brands that he’s enjoying recently.

Wardrobe #1 | At His Home
Alpha rotates wardrobe items from his home closet to his office closet and back. So the tour starts at his house — which starts with a gigantic mirror. He has many white and black tee shirts. He also has Henleys, hoodies, and long sleeve button-ups. The majority of his dress clothes are at this office. His jackets are both hung and folded — the bombers are folded because the leather is really soft. The hanger will distort the shoulder. He loves All Saints for his leather jackets. His jeans go from light to darker wash as well as black, and he loves G-Star Raw. His workout pants and sweaters are next with his sweaters folded over a pant hanger. According to Alpha, his shoe collection is pretty weak.

Wardrobe #2 and #3 | At His Office
His dressy wardrobe is here: dressy polos, dress shirts from Tailor Store, lightweight sweaters from John Henric, his Anson Belt collection, suits from predominately Suit Supply & Indochino, Chelsea boots, and sneakers from Suit Supply, Nike, and Nothing New. His dress shoes and Thursday Boots are next. He also has pocket squares and ties.

The second closet is a disaster! He shouldn’t be showing you this one! It’s his auxiliary 3rd wardrobe with 3 racks and piles. It’s essentially his ‘junk wardrobe’. The clothes are not junky, but they are simply not organized. Alpha just gave you real, raw, and unfiltered!


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43 thoughts on “alpha m. CLOSET TOUR | Check Out my CRAZY Wardrobe!

  1. I agree on a giant mirror, its actually useful and especially inside the closet to check yourself as in privacy. And don't forget it's also useful to take pics of yourself to post on Instagram or Maybe take a quick pic of your outfit either save the pic or send it to a girl u admire 🤔👀 and see what they think of it. But thats my personal opinion on why a Giant mirror is useful.

  2. Really wish I could try your enemy sunglasses, but I wear glasses. There's definitely a market in a bridge between glasses and sunglasses for style over practicality (and no, transitions are practicality over style). Definitely gonna brainstorm about how to build that bridge, and possibly with a buddy of mine who shares the same level of ambition.

  3. A guy who promotes great clothes sure looked like he had some real crap. And throw an ad in there. A nice big closet like that and it looks like crap. Plastic hangers I guess you couldn’t get a sponsor for wood hangers

  4. So this video like so many others, is look what I have, this closet and all these clothes that I have received I would say mostly for free. All this validates me, and now I need to brag, and show other what I have… The haves and the have nots

  5. Large closet, no babyroom, no children. You review every expensive piece of shi. as “every shi. a man needs”.
    Plus you call yourself “alpha” and act like arogant narcist.
    You should think about your empty life, Aaron.

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