A TOUR OF ISTANBUL, TURKEY | This City Is Incredible!

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Exploring fascinating Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey.
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A TOUR OF ISTANBUL, TURKEY | This City Is Incredible!

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27 thoughts on “A TOUR OF ISTANBUL, TURKEY | This City Is Incredible!

  1. Be careful when some local speaking good english try to start a conversation with you. They are trying to rip you off by get you to a expansive bar. I was in Istanbul just four days and this happen to me three times.

  2. As a turkish citizen I've like to tell you the truths.

    -Of course, if you are a tourist this place might seem like a heaven to you but if you are a turkish citizen, this country is collapsed and real fucked up.

    We have economic,diplomatic problems here.

    Dıplomatic: -They can arrest you if you try to expose them
    -They can raise their incomes whenever they want
    -they can (even)kill you if they want to
    -They spend the GSYIH (country income in a year) to construction

    Economic: -For example: İf you wanna buy a car You buy 1 for yourself
    You buy 1 for the bank you took credit
    You buy 2 cars for the goverment
    -%43 of Turkey is working for (minimum wage) like 300 dollars.
    -You need to give a life to buy a house (apartmen)
    -You cant buy Self-Contained home
    -Its so hard to abroad. (near impossile)
    -taxes can on cars can be upto %300

    So just please dont see this country like something.
    This place is much worse than any EU countries

    Hope you understood what i said.

  3. I went to Istanbul in Nov 2013. It wasn't nearly as crowded then. I was able to get into the Hagia Sophia with no wait. I stayed at the Aura Apart Hotel in Sultanahmet not far from the Blue Mosque. I really enjoyed my one week stay there. It was a bit cool that time of year though.

  4. ISTANBUL. By far the largest city in Turkey, and its chief port and centre of trade, is Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople. It is beautiful as well as important, for it lies on the shores of the Bosporus, which divides Europe from Asia, and southwards it looks on the inland Sea of Marmara. Few cities anywhere have such a noble setting.

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