A Terrible New Hack is Coming to Fallout 76

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The user that brought the hacks to Fallout 76 that allowed people to spawn things like human NPCs and the Prydwen, ERECTban, seems to have more tricks up his sleeve for Fallout 76. Posting to forums and being covered on Discords, it seems they play to hack an inventory stealer into the game. Turning all players into containers, ripe for the looting.

A Terrible New Hack is Coming to Fallout 76


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38 thoughts on “A Terrible New Hack is Coming to Fallout 76

  1. Почему эту игру не добавили в список самых худших игр 10-ти летия? Мне кажется,она отлично подходит под такую кандидатуру

  2. This makes me so mad. Despite Fallout 76 being buggy and broken as hell and sure Bethesda acts poorly as always. But what is the blame on ordinary players whose loot progress you need to fuck up!?

  3. If these hackers or ctitics have a problem with bethesda and the game , JUST DONT PLAY IT , its that simple. Stealing players inventories is pure evil . Just goes to show how fucked up people can be.

  4. If you're considering using this hack, instead how about you just don't play the game if you hate it so much? How much of an ass do you have to be to ruin it for everyone else? Just let the people who want to enjoy it enjoy it, and if you don't wanna play it, then just don't fucking play it.

  5. Anyone else notice that the alien is bleeding both green yellow blood and red blood.

    I don't really like Rogue internet man he went political and as soon as he did that I was unsubscribed

  6. This game has been a joke since go. Of course you have hacks the engine has been open sourced for over 10 years and the hacks are left in most games to counter the bugs. In my mind the only people more stupid then Bethesda is people that would pay for their products. I feel this may teach game companies a lesson do your job or be punished.

  7. If they wiped my characters, I definably won't be playing Fallout 76 anymore. Been waiting for all of this stupid shit to end and just not bothering to get on.

    That and waiting for wastelanders.

  8. Just so you know, Geminii WAS a former member in Beef curtons. Turns out he was useless and was leaking OUR stuff.

    He knows nothing, and knows how to do nothing. He only uses what others have given to him.

    He brags because he doesn't know how to do anything and wants to be famous.

  9. Does this actually remove someone's inventory, or just allow you to create a duplicate in your own stash? I seem to remember something like the later back when FO76 was first released. Though I may have it confused with another game.

  10. With Bethesda not doing anything to safeguard against hacks it’s kinda like they think ‘well I guess a lot more people are gonna buy fallout 1st for the private servers’

  11. Yawn, I call BS, Its another scare tactic another reason to scare people into not playing, and this would have been a good video if you were not blaming Bethesda for the hackers, like i said in another comment, yes Its Bethesdas fault that the hackers are doing this, and its McDonald fault people are fat, so yes it must be the cigarette companies fault for forcing people to smoke and get cancer, this hack IS NOT coming, just a waste of a video…Removed Sub

  12. “I don’t blame the hackers, I blame Bethesda.”. Really? Imagine someone breaks into your house and when the police show up, they tell you it’s your fault for not having better locks on your doors.🙄

  13. I hate the fact they took fallout 4 and made it to a multiplayer game. I love that the are exposing bethesda for it. But doing this and praising the hacking for hurting other players is just shameful, and disgusting. Also the people that praise the hackers are just imbeciles.

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