Tennis Players Who HATE Each Other…

Thể Thao

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45 thoughts on “Tennis Players Who HATE Each Other…

  1. Why would he apologize for hitting at Rafa? He was behind the baseline! It's not like it was a pop-up and they were both at the net. You wanted him to do what exactly? Hit it to his forehand? It's not like he had a choice of where to put the winning shot. This was a very live point.

  2. Kyrgios never lost lost to djoko, beats nadal half of the time and plays as good as federer against him. What else can you say…

    Nadal fanboys get his d*ck out of ur mouth

  3. If that Rafa Vs Nick would have been a boxing match… Im sure… Nick would have died pleading for his life… And would want to get out of that ring… That stare from Rafa after Kyrgios tried to hit him… That was violent… 😁😁

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  5. I’m motivated for 2020 Australian Open. We must cherish our tennis we have left. I’m using the royal “we” the editorial. I’m watching women’s 🎾 live now and I’m wishing it was February.

  6. Attitude come first. Doesn’t matter if you are educated or not. Respect others and you shall be respected equally. Nick is just a douche that haven’t won any grandslam but talk like he is a living legend.

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