Tennis "How Did I Do That?" Moments

Thể Thao

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24 thoughts on “Tennis "How Did I Do That?" Moments

  1. 9:00 I can hear more jeer like whistles than claps in the background, that too against Rosol. That too after Djokovic, not being a good volleyer, comes up with a stupendous shot like that. Can't understand the crowd at all. Guy wins everywhere, still the second favourite everywhere.
    From a Rafan.

  2. 5:245:36 – that was INTENSE MAN! (recalling the Sampras-Agassi trash talk at charity game) No wonder that they had to slow down after while :D.

    P.S. Don't feel forced to inform me that it was sped up if someone feels to inform me THAT 😀 :P.

    8:318:39 – Federer smiling all the time during the point – LOL :D. Joker would be proud.

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