Sapa, Vietnam – WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO EAT? Viet Travel Vlog #55

Du Lịch

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I’ve traveled to Sapa numerous times, but I’ve never had the chance to really stay longer than two days or so. On this recent trip, I had four days to do and eat things I’ve never done or eaten before. The Love Waterfall was a great way to start a morning, not too far from Sapa. (It definitely helps if you rent a car and hire a driver) That waterfall was worth it. The new market, though, not as wonderful as the old market, still has some good noodle offers to try. The fruit vendors outside will surely satisfy your fruit cravings and on the weekend you can visit the Old Church. For dinner, I recommend trying the sturgeon fish – in various courses. I believed that dinner came out to be around 30 dollars or so. Don’t quote me on that.

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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Shure VP38F

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49 thoughts on “Sapa, Vietnam – WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO EAT? Viet Travel Vlog #55

  1. Kyle, I am a latecomer to your work, but I am hooked on your films. I will be in Vietnam October or November of this year. This is my second time in Vietnam, but I cannot believe the things I missed seeing and doing. You all eat WELL!!

  2. i recommend you guys go to sapa by bus. many travel agents in old quarter sell tiket for 200 k. thanks to the new expressway the bed bus trip take only 5 hours from hanoi to sapa, way better than railway that was built 100 years ago. darad bus

  3. Hey Kyle, thanks for a lovely video. What time of year were you in Sapa? June – September? What is the temperature there at that time, please?

    My sister and I want to go there and Ha Long Bay, next year. I can not take hot temperatures, I think Sapa would be ok for me though.

  4. Where I come from, there are many water falls and gorgeous mountains views like that and more. I remember the time when Sturgeons were plenty, as many as we can catch. Not that way any more. I ate Sturgeons soups like shown here many times before. The best is the fresh one sauteed in butter then wrapped in rice papers with herbs and other veggies and dipped into different kinds of sauces. Best ever.

  5. i like yr hair n u too, u do look cute n lovely in this as usual. u must take care yrself to look this good or just lucky u can eat whatever n as much u want but no problem? ill be dead if i was u or fat n ugly n sick. or off camera u take care, excercise n eat right?

  6. Before running into your channel I have been on the fence about coming to Vietnam to teach English for a time period because I was hesitant about what Vietnam had to offer. Now, thanks to you, I feel like it is something I have to experience in my life and see all these places I have watched you visit in your channel. I really enjoy listening to the commentary and especially loved the video about the Vietnamese people trapped in that river village in Cambodia and hope one day maybe I can visit that area as well and do something for that school since my passion is education. I also enjoy all the people in your videos as they all add different viewpoints and aspects to everything. Keep up the good work man!

  7. Holy cow! The quality of your camera work, and the resolution you're showing is amazing. Excellent job. If I may say, this would have been a great area for your 360 camera too.

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