Samsung's $840 foldable phone?

Công nghệ

A report says Samsung will release a new, clamshell foldable phone, kind of like the new Motorola Razr. The crazy part would be the price: It’d be cheaper than the Razr and cost less than half a Galaxy Fold!

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23 thoughts on “Samsung's $840 foldable phone?

  1. well, samsung make a whole bunch of their own stuffs like ram, memory, all sort of chips, camera, and displays. So they dont need to buy a whole bunch of stuffs from other manufacturers, that alone already help cut the price down by a whole lot. many other brands have to buy parts from different companies.

  2. It's sad but Apple would have a easier time selling a phone that turns into a tablet but a large phone that folds up to make it easier to put in your pocket is something alot of people would appreciate

  3. 1 feature I want 3d face scanning face id I really like that if it doesn't have it I'm going to be like aw man lol but honestly I really like what lg ND pixel 4 did with the front sensors I prefer that over the punch hole

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