Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Interesting Things

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This is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, one of the most unique devices money can buy, and also a completely new form factor that’s out to challenge smartphones as we know them. Whether it’s bold enough to achieve that premise is still a little too early to predict, but the last 48 hours have already taught me a lot. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and these are my initial impressions.


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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Interesting Things

  1. Well I tried to get one at Best Buy. All sold out, back up on ordering one.
    But I did get to hold the display model. Yeah, it's a heavy phone.
    Well, I couldn't wait, went and got a Note10+ last Saturday.
    I got a credit card by way of Best Buy, so that when or, if I do I can pay out right then insert my SIM card. That is if I return my Note to my phone dealer. Which I might do (I have 2 weeks to decide).
    I like that Fold. Now, I have to play the waiting game all over again. So, I'm spending time watching videos on the Galaxy Fold.
    After I left to see about the credit card, a couple was looking at the display model. I may not be able to get the Space Silver, but that's the color I like, I may have to settle for Black. Maybe it's Fate, 'cause they say don't get it wet or around dust. I have driving jobs ( forklift and shuttle ) and it can get pretty dusty and rain at work. Both bad for the Fold. My Note10+ can hang with both.🤔😕
    Well, maybe that can motivate me to get a cushy in door job.🤣
    But boy that phone sure is pretty.

  2. I think phone makers should disclose repair costs or part costs. I fix phones, Samsung and Apple. Consumers are often shocked at phone repair costs. Sometimes they get very upset. Many of us techies are already aware of these costs but the average buyer is not. I wonder what the costs will be on The Fold.

  3. important remarks about the activation process in this review. in fact, it is full of remarks Samsung could learn from – about the apps and the implementations thereof, the fingerprint scanner and what those things can't do that they should be able to

  4. 1:27 He was about to say let's remove the screen protector than switched to saying plastic😆😂 don't remove that screen protector! Also for $2,000 I don't want a crease to be part of the "territory" but if future iterations continue to have it ill pass to much money to deal with that on my screen.

  5. I want it! I am on Sprint. I wrnt to my local store and they told me thatsprunt is not going to carry it. Then i went to verizion and the reps said they are not going to carry it. I went to T-mobile and they said they may get i but not sure? And then went to At&t and the rep said tgey may not get it? So how do i get this phone and what carrier will it run on?

  6. Another half-backed Sansuck product that still has to prove it won’t BLOW-UP, and nOw… cOme to find Out, the phone has already failed since the screens have been peeling back… So we’re guessing we’ll have to wait for Apple to show everyone how such a product should really work, right! Isn’t paying for a $2000 ANYTHING, and ANYTHING on the product begins breaking already, called FRAUD by all the State Attorney Generals??

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