36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A51 Hands On – Flagship Design 2020!

  1. Nice video!! I just received totally free Samsung S9 device becausee I joined a giveaway last month… I'm so happy. You can join the giveaway too – all you have to do is look for Samsung Giveaway Monster on Google & join totally for free!

  2. Why don't samsung signs some special contract with instagram the one apple has already signed

    Instagram gives special fonts and story making art to apple users only. Why samsung users can't feel special by spending more money than apple on samsung.

  3. I heard it's gonna cost about Pkr 60k…
    Idk but it seems overpriced cuz of the plastic body. 60k for a plastic body is too much + it has only 15W fast charger, that is a bit low. I would buy it if it was 50k max.

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