Gridiron physics: Scalars and vectors – Michelle Buchanan

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An unbelievable play on an American Football field is the perfect backdrop for understanding crucial physics concepts. Michelle Buchanan goes play-by-play on the vectors, the scalars, and the glory of a downright scientific touchdown.

Lesson by Michelle Buchanan, animation by TED-Ed.


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26 thoughts on “Gridiron physics: Scalars and vectors – Michelle Buchanan

  1. I don't like football. Why does the vectors video have to be about something that is perceived as decidedly male? Please redo with a topic that is more universal and less detested. Football is one of the few sports they IQ test you before you start playing so colleges can track if you lose IQ points due to head injuries. Is TED promoting head injuries and brutality?

  2. This does not incorporate the psychological, or physical part of the game making this play nether believable or unbelievable. It is nothing more than a mathematical prediction on how a play should go, and that is what a coach is for. Except they would have most likely incorporated those two things into the play.

  3. My question…Is there a science that explains why the defense would line up a linebacker against the "best receiver"? Was the defensive coordinator drunk or maybe just went for a hotdog? 😀

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