Coastal Christmas Home Tour 2019 | Vintage Christmas Home Decor Tour

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Welcome to Living it Country! Today is another day of my new series Christmas Home Inspiration where I will be sharing my favorite Christmas home tours, Christmas front porch tours, Christmas Shops and more! I hope you all have been enjoying all the Christmas Home Tours here at Living it Country! Today we are sharing Lucys Christmas Home Tour 2019 and you are all going to love it! Lucy is from Beach Gigdet on Instagram and has the most beautiful beachy home!

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15 thoughts on “Coastal Christmas Home Tour 2019 | Vintage Christmas Home Decor Tour

  1. Oh my word! Gorgeous…..cute……beachy…..eclectic…….seashore……I've watched it twice now to take it all in. "I see you in the microwave." Lol. That lovely shine on the porch floor…..stunning. Ok. I'm going back for another tour. By the way…..I live on Amelia Island in northeast Florida and I've never seen any place as lovely as her home. Thank you. 💙🎄💚

  2. Holly, I'm sure you've heard this many times before but I just have to tell you that you have the sweetest smile and spirit. I love your introductions to the beautiful Christmas tours. I know you must be so dear to your family and friends.

  3. Has got to be one of the sweetest houses ever, and turquoise is always been my favorite color since I was a child 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗👏🏻💕🎄🎄. And reminds me of Summer vacation 🤗

  4. Oh my …. my face is sore from smiling and laughing out loud at some of the saying …”. let it Snow SOMEPLACE else! “ … “fa la la la mingo”. .. “baby IT’S NOT cold outside “…. “ Jingle SHELLS”… on and on….LOL!! This was grand!

    As someone who is 63 …born and raised in SNOW COUNTRY… I could not imagine a Christmas other than snow and cold. We are disappointed if it is not COLD OUTSIDE… This is making me rethink my thoughts! LOL!!!

    What amazing items she has. What FUN this is. Excellent !

    I totally agree with Barbara Swonger on her comment. I am still smiling…will have to watch again… I know I must have missed some goodies !


  5. Her tree coordinates with her books. So fun. Lol. Let is snow somewhere else! That's cute.
    Love the cart she has for her coffee bar. Reminds me of a Dr's medical cart from years ago.
    Love the VW bus. The cake stands all lined up look so nice. There's a delicious treat under each one of them.
    Thank you Lucy for sharing your lovely home with us.
    Thank you Holly for another great find. Merry Christmas laies. Love and blessings….

  6. Ohhhhhh…I would looooove to meet the person who lives here. What a happy, creative, vibrant person they must be. ❤️ I absolutely love everything….the colors, all the decor, and most of all….the whimsy. This house is just screaming, “Have FUN in your life”. I laughed out loud at the “Let it snow…somewhere else” sign and I could definitely use the”Just one more chapter” bed pillow. I truly would love to spend the day with this person….I know they know where all the best thrift stores are, where we can get the yummiest inexpensive bottle of wine, and what time we need to be on the beach for sunrise with mimosas. 🎄🎅🏼❤️

  7. Wow, first really different tour!! Love that so many items are made for a coastal Christmas. It was really fun and I really enjoyed all the bright coastal colors and all the retro decor! It looks like it will be a sunny bright Christmas on the coast. Thanks for sharing your home . Happy Holidays!

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