Chardy Ends Medvedev Streak; Struff Ousts Defending Champion Khachanov | Paris 2019 Highlights Day 2

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There were surprises aplenty on Day 2 of the 2019 Rolex Paris Masters… Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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49 thoughts on “Chardy Ends Medvedev Streak; Struff Ousts Defending Champion Khachanov | Paris 2019 Highlights Day 2

  1. Medcedev's Tennis does not fit for Chardy. Chardy's ball will slide very low on the ground and today's players deal with high-topspin player most of the time, so they don't know how to deal with low balls do not bounce so much. Medcedev's too exagegrrated swinging form also make him difficult to hit low balls.

  2. why players cannot play the same level? if you was so good last year so nobody could not beat your during ALL tournament – now you cannot hurdle even 1st round. there is nothing extraordinary in Struff game. if he played this way all the time he would be in TOP10
    but he is not! he loses every second match to low-ranked players! I am so sceptic about tennis now sorry guys, this is all about gambling now and about bet-makers offices and CASH

  3. Well, well, good things come to an end…Medvedev should be falling over by this time. Even more rest for London. Djokovic and everyone on that side of the draw are sighing of relief lol…Good for homeboy Chardy, though, however I have the feeling the next round may go different for him.

  4. Chardy taught a class on how to a beat a high quality pusher.
    With that said, Medvedev might be great one day when he finds a nice balance between offense and defense.

  5. Medvedev is annoying. Get a life. Pulling that stupid face when he loses and wins – your meant to be happy when you win. He's nothing compared to Federer or Djokovic. He deserved to lose.

  6. Although it's a disappointment, I think it's good that Medvedev lost early in Paris to prepare and reach his peak for the ATP Final. He has been playing too many matches recently. A rest is definitely needed.

  7. блять, медведев был не в своей наилучшей форме, это его первый матч на таком корте за 15 дней, поддержка еще сильно повлияла на игру

  8. Everyone is saying omg there have been so many upsets so far. This tournament is crazy so far. But I didn't see anything new. The next gen lost early as per and it's going to be a Djokovic Nadal final

  9. I think medvedev changed his forehand technique. If you see it in the previous matches it was different.but I Dont understand why would he do such a thing when he was on such a good wining streak. Does anyone have similar thoughts or is it just me?

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