48 thoughts on “Belinda Bencic vs Bianca Andreescu | US Open 2019 SF Highlights

  1. Bencic just missing all the chances, she could have won this, but damned that Bianca Girl is so feisty, she is soo talented indeed, she indeed deserved this. I believe i will see more of Bencic vs andrescu in the future tournaments.

  2. Canada is the 2nd most Multi Cultural (Per Capita) country on the planet behind Australia. Millions of people have immigrated to Canada from far a wide. Just look at Canada's best tennis players surnames Andresscu, Shapavalov, Raonic, Pospisil etc…If you're born & raised in Canada then "YOU ARE A CANADIAN" If you hold dual citizenship then you can obviously be proud of your background/ethnicity, these are just the basics of being Canadian. It's one BIG melting pot, full stop!

  3. Bianca to my eye uses her forehand more effectively than any ladies player in years. most Women's games seem built on their backhands but she sorta reminds me of a Men's player the way she constructs points towards her forehand side

  4. Desde un principio quería que gane bianca y al ver que era muy tarde porque al otro día tengo que trabajar deje de mirar ya que también estaba perdiendo llegó al otro día y prendo la tele y miro que pasan la repetición no lo podía creer de la manera como jugo espero que hoy gane vamos con todo bianca Lpm

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