Android 10 Revealed: No Dessert For You! [Android Q Name + Hands-On]

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Android Q’s name as been revealed and it’s……. ANDROID 10?! That’s right — Google’s sweet treat nicknames are going away, as part of a big rebrand of Android. Plus we take a look at what’s new in the final, near-complete Q Beta 6.

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29 thoughts on “Android 10 Revealed: No Dessert For You! [Android Q Name + Hands-On]

  1. Fake, completely fake, Android Q is Queen Cake. Don't believe the part 'no dessert for you ' Google is trying to fool you all and because of this foolishness they can kill the name 10 by converting 10 to Q but Android 10.1 Q will come soon with an Easter egg of Queen Cake

  2. The number name is just so it'll be easier for people coming from different cultures that have different alphabets etc… Androids betas will still use the alphabet however but when it's launched it will be in number

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