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Holidays are coming and making Christmas decorations is one of my favorite hobbies. Moreover, you can save a lot of money by creating DIY Christmas decorations. We prepared a collection of Christmas decorations that you can do at home and they will cost you a penny. You will love these magical Christmas projects that will make your house as festive as possible.
This time you will learn how to make beautiful Christmas trees from such materials as paper, egg cartons, plastic spoons, and forks. One of the easiest ideas is to make a plastic spoon Christmas tree. This ingenious idea doesn’t require much effort and skills. Cut the heads off all the spoons, color them and glue plastic spoons to the cardboard tree form. Voila! Moreover, you can make cute and creative DIY cards with paper Christmas trees.All your friends will love handmade greeting cards.
Pasta is a perfect material for crafting and you can make adorable Christmas decorations. You will need to buy different kinds of pasta and spray paint. Watch the video till the end to learn how to make cute angels, Christmas tree, Christmas wreath from the pasta. To make a cute wreath you will need an embroidery hoop, bow tie pasta, beads, and ribbon. Using a hot glue gun, attach bow tie pasta to the hoop and we show in our video and decorate with beads or anything you like.

00:09 Cute greeting card
00:40 Paper Christmas trees
02:43 Origami Christmas tree
08:45 Pasta Christmas decorations

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