London City Tour , England

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Enjoy London

Two-day visit in London ( 24 & 25 , June, 2015)
Visit London with BigBus Blue & Red Tour
Main locations visited:
Buckingham Palace
The ceremony of change of guard at Buckingham Palace
Tower bridge
Tower of London
Palace of Westminster
Regent Street St James
Abbaye From Westminster
Picadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square
Cruise on the Thames
Melia White House Hotel

Visite de deux jours à Londres . (Le 24 & 25 juin 2015)

Visite de Londres avec le BigBus , circuit Bleu et rouge
Les principaux lieux visités :
Palais de Buckingham
La cérémonie du changement de Garde au palais de Buckingham
Pont Basculant de Londres
Tour de Londres
Palais de Westminster
Regent Street St JamesAbbaye De Westminster
Picadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square
Croisière sur la Tamise
Melia White House Hotel


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23 thoughts on “London City Tour , England

  1. nice video,thanks for sharing it !i didn't like the modern buildings!they destroy the view of traditional architecture.they are ugly and hostile .capitalism at its best!

  2. My God! I have always wanted to go to London and thanks to your fantastic video, I feel as though I have. I can't believe how clear and focused your video was,and I love that you named all the different sights as you came up on them. I didn't know the name of most of those places but, I was glad to see you name them. This was one of the finest videos I have ever watched and I will watch it again. Thank you Sir!! I see that my comment is late but, I just saw this video now.
    Again,,,, Thank you for the wonderful Vacation right here in my home. lol.

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