FINALLY! iMessage – but for ANDROID!!!

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EP. 925 – FINALLY! iMessage – but for ANDROID!!!
An iMessage for Android alernative is finally rolling out, but there are a few things missing…
Watch “Apple is BETTER without Steve Jobs”

Hosted by: Jon Prosser

Edited by: Brian Shoop


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26 thoughts on “FINALLY! iMessage – but for ANDROID!!!

  1. I honestly don’t know what the big deal is with iMessage. I am Apple fan and 90% of the times use iPhone. There is no chan e in hell I use any other tablet but just trustworthy iPad. And Mac. And AW. And….and…! You get the picture. But on that 10% of the times when I use Galaxy phone, iMessage is the least I miss. Because I use WhatsApp. You know, the app that pretty much everyone and their grandmother + dog uses?
    By the way, at times I really dislike you but can’t deny you are very entertaining and always end up watching your videos.

  2. Hello John, I've never felt compelled to comment but I'm here to tell you that my life is mostly all Apple, 3 MacBook laptops of various sizes and an iMac 5k. But NOT an iPhone. I love my OnePlus 7 Pro, thank you very much. And I DO use a functioning version of iMessage on it and it works great. It's called AirMessage and while it's a little complicated for the masses, my home Mac Mini acts as a relay and I can send and receive iMessages with no issues whatsoever. Problem solved!!! (P.S. I have nothing to do with the sales or development of AirMessage — I'm just a very satisfied user of it.)

  3. 1:50 thats a lazy take thats been used for far too long. So People didn't buy iPhones before iMessage?
    Apple's been around for 30+ years during which they have built a reputation for durable, reliable, dependable, approach to privacy, well designed, headache free… products and services. Little to do with iMessage.

    Besides there are basically just 2 options, android or iOS and android already has more than 84% share. what are the odds at least 10% just don't like android/google.

  4. Let me break it down like this:

    1. FPT is very entertaining to watch and I’m subscribed.

    2. I’ve never used or owned an android phone in my life

    3. iMessage is the bomb and I love it. Use it to chat with my friends abroad in the UK 🇬🇧
    And, I like to use FaceTime as well to talk to my friends abroad in the UK.

    4. iMessage is only one reason I use an iPhone along with the end to end encryption and the other major reason is the ecosystem!

    5. iPhone forever!

  5. Apple under Tim Cook really hasn’t had anything groundbreaking since the iPhone during Steve Job’s era. Yes under Cook Apple made a crap ton of money and a lot (basically everything) they made/make is better than what was/is out there but it didn’t revolutionize anything like the iPhone did. I wouldn’t call the Apple Watch a revolutionary product from Apple. Everything Apple does is basically an improvement over what android phones do first. Yes they don’t need to be first but they haven’t really done anything to step out of their comfort zone and experiment like what say example Samsung is doing with the fold.

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