Bjarne Riis MUTANT CLIMBING PERFORMANCE : Hautacam Tour de France 1996

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Bjarne Riis eliminated all his rivals for the 1996 Tour de France yellow jersey with an absolutely mutant performance on the Hautacam climb in stage 16. Riis broke away from the other GC hopefuls with a series of accelerations, feints and surges at the beginning of the climb, eventually riding about 6 of the 7.9km climb solo (8% gradient). Riis’ record on the Hautacam still stands to this day and is the second highest level climbing performance in Tour de France history, as measured by VAM.

Riis eventually gained just under 2 minutes to 2nd place Abraham Olano, sealing the yellow jersey and breaking the streak of Miguel Indurain from 1991-1996.

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31 thoughts on “Bjarne Riis MUTANT CLIMBING PERFORMANCE : Hautacam Tour de France 1996

  1. Of course it’s a mutant performance!!! He’s juiced out of his fucking mind. Seriously I can’t believe you’re glorifying this piece of shit who not only cheated himself but destroyed a generation of cyclists as dope pushing DS.

  2. Its very strange that Riis still owns his tour win. His body is not build for climbing. Bjarne Riis was no special cycling talent. He was a psychopath on wheels. Bjarne was a great cyclist out of the nothing….

  3. I think Armstrong pissed a few people off with his comeback
    and really went over the top with the Planet Armstrong thing.
    Then they really went after him.
    To me personally lance is probably the greatest of them all.
    Allthough he might had some character-issues. But who am i to judge.

  4. Good one mate! I was still living in Denmark at the time and it was crazy!! Sports go in phases. I know lots of the younger pros (I met a Jan Ullrich a couple of years ago) and they are now so focussed on "clean" it warrants maybe a clip.

  5. Not sure of the point to this video. Love your insight into the sport, but come on, cheap easy way to get a heated debate going. Riis was the same as many, Armstrong got a bum deal, and the sport is supposed to be cleaner now, blah, blah, blah. We need to see sport for what it is, something that reflects society and not something that some how stands separated from human failings.

  6. Lance Armstrong became the Dreyfus of cycling doping scandal.
    On the other hand, if he was the guy using an electric motor in his TT bike, then he is bad.
    Armstrong is not a European and does not have the deep political/cultural ties (or bias) that being a Spaniard or Frenchmen has.
    He is an outsider and was easter of vilify, Armstrong also made enemies.
    Induran and Valverde are both really nice guys and nobody has said anything about him.
    Many in the European media made the implication that Armstrong won 7 in a row because he was doping.
    In retrospect, what is this drug that have him an unfair advantage over the other dopers?
    People who sell doping products are in it for the money and ultimately want many athletes using it.
    14 years later knowledge of this product should have gotten out.
    What about Pantani's Oropa performance in 1999?

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