35 thoughts on “Bianca Andreescu vs Serena Williams Extended Highlights | US Open 2019 Final

  1. Andreescu's big returns and attacking the Williams forehand really paid off big time. Williams is not ready quick enough after the serve, Andreescu's returns are back at her feet in no time, plus the forehand didn't hold up to Bianca's pressure. Return and backhand have always been the best in Serena's game however the serve, forehand, and most importantly the mental aspect need some serious work!

  2. There were a few things that let Serena down: 1st set: (1) very slow start and serve and footwork. 2nd set: (1) slow start, footwork, serve again. However, she fought back nicely and almost the set. Also, Serena had a lot of chances to bust this wide open and she didn't. That being said: Serena played better this year than last year's final but she needs more tournaments. However, Serena looked very fit!

  3. I just love Serena. The way she keeps getting up after being knocked down. 4 grand slams lost and yet she still comes back. With all the money and slams she has anyone else would have just walked away. Thank you, it motivates me to never give up. Dedication and tenacity. God bless you

  4. it is clear that serena is on her way out (age does that to you) and BA is improving on every point. SW did not use to make so many errors and could win with first serves (not double faulting losing them).

  5. The highlights reflect the match actually. Yes, there were some great shots from Serena but also errors that gifted points to Andreescu esp at deuce or ad situations.Serena shouldnt have dropped her serve in the first game…if she didn't that first set couldve been different. But the match is over on to 2020

  6. Ok wow did Serena not come back the Canadian did well and then Serena played better than her . Is Canada all white or what really like come on Serena played a beautiful second set seriously. And the other girl won what’s the problem …… if us tele is not for you watch a Canadian sports network.

  7. Serena is from where ok and this IS what ok us open fuck out of here …..half of you watched because of who? I can’t seem to understand why there is no respect for Serena but hey 23 and counting white people yes I said it always put her as Serena the best in sport history down but guess what it didn’t work so we will give her those flowers while she is here . Back to the impeachment of Donald j. Trump good day.

  8. Bianca Andreescu seems, overall, to be more mobile, more agile than Serena Williams. Serena moves reasonably well forward, but not sideways. What about backwards? Hard to tell in those brief highlights that skip most lost points by Serena. Bianca gets her wins by hitting the far sides and extreme angles, which often find Serena practically rooted in place, making no attempt to move laterally. By contrast, Bianca makes most of the time a desperate effort to rush from side to side to get to the ball. Of course mobility and speed are a matter of age and a matter of weight. Otherwise Bianca seems able to handle the heavy shots of Serena, and can stay in the point with Serena on an equal basis. Serena has a definite advantage when mobility is not a factor, in her powerful aces or returns of serve, or short balls. But little Bianca also gets her share of aces, and handles return of Serena's services reasonably well, except of course for those cannonball aces. On the whole, judging by these short highlights, Bianca would seem to have the odds in her favor and be a favorite in any future Andreescu-Williams match. Given a little more time, statistics will show. And time being definitely on Bianca's side, at each succeeding future match, the odds will sensibly improve in Bianca's favor.
    Still, and I think everybody here would agree, it would be only fair to all of us from US Open Tennis to post the video of the complete match. Only then could we better judge all aspects of this confrontation. The statistical results for each type of points, shots, and situations would pinpoint the differences of style and power and give us a more accurate appreciation of the strengths and limitations of both players.
    Roo Bookaroo, Dec. 12, 2019

  9. In my opinion, Serena would benefit a lot from playing more matches at smaller tournaments. The combination of too much pressure and not enough match play shows in this match.

  10. Yeah Serena totally beat herself. Just like bullied kids beat themselves up. If you listen closely you can hear Andreescu saying "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Why are you hitting yourself".

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