Your Monitor Sucks. (ASUS PG35V Review)

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Your Monitor Sucks. (ASUS PG35V Review)
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36 thoughts on “Your Monitor Sucks. (ASUS PG35V Review)

  1. I returned this monitor, used it for 3 weeks. But i coudnt get used to the VA problems the monitor has, Which is terrible ghosting and some weird flickering aswell in some games. But the most annoying whas when i played jedi fallen order or shadow of the tomb raider. Every time when i whas turning with my camera view, there whas alot of (mostly when i looked at a dark area or lights) some unsharp/blurry/stretching effect happening. Dont know on how to 100% describe this but it whas VERY annoying. Also when on Desktop if i whas scrolling and seeing other ppls avatar that had a black background had some weird bleed effect.

    But the things it did do right whas HDR 1000!! man it looked rly good. But il w8 a couple years to see proper NONE VA monitors to come with a 1000 HDR panel.

  2. I can't really speak too bad about the quality of ASUS hardware, at least their laptops have served me well over the years (except the piece of crap that was the G71V back in the day, worst money I've ever spent). However, their "gaming" branding is very cringy in my opinion.

  3. I paid about $900 for the previous model which was the 34" 100hz. For one since I only have a 1080ti, thinking there would be no point in my getting this or many others until we can really run this thing at max settings, i.e. Nvidia 4080ti. For two, that price is just too much. I get companies are always trying to push the boundaries on what to milk us for, but this is just unacceptable. Hopefully 2020 will bring this some serious competition to run the prices down. I know when I bought my ASUS 34" it was crazy high, now they can be gotten for a bargain, so maybe in another 18 months or so.

  4. If Asus would start a "Republic of Adults" line where you could get these high end products without the ridiculous gamer aesthetic I would switch over exclusively to that.

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