Watch Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 live event

Công nghệ

See all the major product news Samsung is planning to announce in New York City on Wednesday.

The new Note 10 and 10 Plus are here!:

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 Event in 11 Minutes:

Watch here on – Samsung’s Unpacked Galaxy Note 10 event live

The Galaxy Note 10 dilemma: Getting out of the Galaxy Fold’s shadow

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28 thoughts on “Watch Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 live event

  1. Check out the full Samsung 2019 livestream here (now archived, since the event ended at about 2pm today). Let us know what you thought about the event in the comments!

  2. These guys don't seem like they did any research on the Samsung phones they are talking about. The galaxy s series and the not are not just different size phone they are different phones in and out

  3. Yo definitely getting. U can edit videos off ur phone!! No more download apps. I can use it for YouTube! And I can write and draw all day long!!! NO MORE FINGERS!!!! I have the s10e. Imma start saving for it. Like I dont even care. I dont care for the headphone jack anymore lol. I got the galaxy buds and I use them instead 😂 not even kidding I dont use the headphone jack so I'll be ready to get this beauty❤❤❤

  4. The biggest and most shocking fact is the Note 9 is NOT getting a price cut. It remains $1000, $50 MORE than the Note 10. The excuse carriers are giving for this is the Note 9 has a higher rez screen and bigger battery. I tell them the Note 10 has a newer faster chipset, better cameras, and more features but that doesn't matter to them.

  5. Is it just me, but I HATE that the fingerprint sensor is on the front. I love it on the back where the Note 9 has it. Your finger is already there, it's so easy to unlock as you are picking it up. On the front seems more cumbersome, especially with a large phone.

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