Tennis "This Guy is Too Good" Moments

Thể Thao

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31 thoughts on “Tennis "This Guy is Too Good" Moments

  1. This ATP World Tour is a kick in the balls. I can't believe I'm sad because David Ferrer went to retirement. Thomaš Berdych went, as well. I tell you, when Roger or Rafa or even Novak go to retirement, it going to be a sad day for everyone who sees my face.

  2. Ah, 4:40, the old days of Nadal and Federer…but Sinner! I like this kid. I thought the video was up-and-comers versus top/older players. Another person had a point; it was mostly Fed, Nadal, and Djoker schooling everyone else (and each other).

  3. I love watching Gäel Monfils. Some compare him to Nick Kyrgios. Oh, come on!
    Monfils is entertaining himself, entertaining the crowd and shows respect the opponent. Kyrgios is entertaining himself only and cares about nothing except himself. I will miss Gäel when he retired.

  4. I really dare you to try and find half the moments of women doing the same thing, especially in court. It's crazy how more competitive they are with each other but in a bad way. You see guys here smiling and even being playful. Men are always boys I guess 😂

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