PROS & CONS of Buying A Home With a HOA (First Time Home Buyers)


In this week’s video, I break down the pros and cons of buying a home with a Home Owners Association, or HOA. Sometimes they have a bad rep for their strict rules and regulations, however most of the time people don’t understand why they do so and if it is any good for them.

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39 thoughts on “PROS & CONS of Buying A Home With a HOA (First Time Home Buyers)

  1. Wow! So surreal to watch this almost 2 years later. 100 subscribers seems so trivial and I had NO IDEA it would keep growing. Thank you all. Also noticing a lot of people like to come to this video to trash HOAs, perhaps it needs a follow up video? 🤔

  2. I agree, older homes had character, I'm not an artist but homes in the 80s look more attractive than homes today. No artistry from current home builders today.

  3. We are already stripped of plenty of freedom. Why the hell do people pay too much for a little piece of land, with an over-priced house, and regulations that make you hate life? Only have one life. Stay in the country or at least the outskirts where the fog hasn't reached yet. People will complain out of pure jealousy if your yard looks better, maybe your fence is too pretty, (I always wanted a boat but can't afford it. That bastard has no right to park his boat in his driveway.)
    Disgusting stuff. Who the hell would want to live their life like that?

    Thanks for the poke-a-dot door idea.

  4. Just to be clear these HOAs you are referring to are for detached single family homes, not attached townhouses/condos, correct? I am looking at several townhouse/condominium neighborhoods here in Virginia, and for what I get in return I'll gladly pay the $166/mth. Can you make a video on owner run vs corporate run HOAs?

  5. Hey brother i got a house in Laveen, Az i was wondering if HOA would let me build a another room or two? In my house? I honestly dont wanna call them they take too long and im impatient lol so if you got any info on it lmk please and thank you.

  6. @Javier Vidana I have a question… How does someone go about getting their house OUT of an HoA? Are there legal remedies that a homeowner can take to gain full control overe the property taht they legally own?

  7. The only pro i got from HOA is that they keep the value of the property
    But in the long run you're still losing money because you still have your taxes , your bill ect.. and on top of that you have pay the hoa how is this a good investment?

  8. Javier, I'm not sure why you would say you have no idea where the HOA fees go/what they pay for. What assessments cover is completely transparent. Just have to ask. Also there are the financial docs that are completely accessible.

  9. My HOA does nothing except collect quarterly fees. Our neighbors have broken mirrors, wood covered with tarps. Weeds are 5 ft high. I have been complaining for 18 months & they just keep saying it's on their radar. Don't – I repeat, don't buy in HOA community.

  10. Yes, and in these days HOA are not even accepting certain flags, which I think they should establish it to any clients before negotiations or at least address it in the closing. In my opinion, I think is discrimination.

  11. HOA's are a "deal breaker" for me as a FTHB in preparation. Who wants an ass…er I mean an association telling you how to conduct yourself in and around your home? Apartment renters have more freedom than that! Plus, you forgot one important one…you are not allowed to rent out your HOA property once you move to another property! That's the whole point of buying a "starter home" before you move up in the real estate investment game! Hellllll Nawwww! lol!

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