Nadal Reaches Semis; Khachanov, Medvedev To Face Off | Montréal 2019 Quarter-Final Highlights

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Russian stars Daniil Medvedev and Karen Khachanov made light work of their opponents on quarter-final Friday… Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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39 thoughts on “Nadal Reaches Semis; Khachanov, Medvedev To Face Off | Montréal 2019 Quarter-Final Highlights

  1. Medvedev has been one of my favorite new players this year. Too bad you never hear about him. Such a nice controlled game, moves well, good at net and some great instincts for finishing a point. Kachanov is also good just has a more generic game compared to Medvedev.

  2. Two of the so called nextgen players …..consistency is one of the critical success factors for greatness…and they are battling with that intermittently….just makes us appreciate the greatness of the Big Three – Novak, Nadal, Fed…

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  4. Medvedev lowkey makes me thirsty.

    He isn't good looking per se, but there is something about him. He's so tall and lanky and his forehead is weird, but he has this zero fucks vibe which is kinda hot. He looks like the kind of lazy stoner dude that would invite you over for weed and then out of nowhere deliver an epic dicking. Plus, being so tall I have a hunch that everything is well proportioned lol.

    Too bad he's married.

  5. They made the courts slow to help Kneedal win. It's all set up for these two sellouts (the other is Chokerer) to help them win something to keep them play as long as possible to make profits and sabotage Djokovic and other strong player from winning any titles.

  6. Zverev plays way to defensive. He is tall an heavy. Defensive play means a lot of running. That doesn't play well together. He needs to get much closer to the line, play long, aggressive top-spin points with some risk and try to get to the net.

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