Galaxy Note 10+ Review: Samsung Phones In A Winner

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In a vacuum, the Galaxy Note 10+ is a no-brainer of a buy, with a feature list longer than almost any smartphone’s and an eight-year legacy of almost universal hits propping it up. But you shouldn’t buy phones in a vacuum; you should buy them in context. And what’s more, a lot has changed since the first Galaxy Note rolled off the assembly line in 2011. When you consider how good the competition has gotten at the $700 and even $400 price points (the OnePlus 7 Pro and Google Pixel 3a, respectively) the Galaxy Note 10+ suddenly has to work a lot harder to justify its $1100 tag. I’ve been using the Note 10+ for seven days; join me for the MrMobile review!



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review was produced following eight days with a Galaxy Note 10+ review sample provided by Samsung. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and New York City, USA. MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; Samsung was not offered copy approval and no compensation was requested or provided at any time before, during or after the review production process.


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43 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10+ Review: Samsung Phones In A Winner

  1. What i only would have want on my Note 10+ is higher refresh rate display and headphone jack. Else i love and i would recommend it 100% i still recommend it 100% but thats the greatest improvments we should see.

  2. Though aesthetically cool, curved edge actualy is an annoying feature, I always slipped when clicking/selecting something (mostly pictures) near edge.

  3. call me a hater but this phone has too many gimmicks for the average consumer. The price is TGH. I appreciate the battery though but moto makes phones with strong batteries already. The value is in the note 8 or 9 until this one drops.

  4. I don't see why people keep saying Samsung flagships have the best displays. Clearly in Natural Mode (which should be the color mode for consumer) the white balance is a little off and the screen is noticeably warmer than an iPhone (which pretty much nails the white balance at roughly 65K).
    Granted white balance can be adjusted to your liking in the Vivid Mode, but again that is the "wrong color" mode where everything just looks so boosted and cartoon-ish.
    Still love my S10+ tho lol

  5. Great video, I have the One plus 7 Pro and I spent 1100 on a NOTE 10 Plus because I was so annoyed by the One Plus [ The no always-on screen, The camera app is so bad I had to get a third-party camera app. The camera on the One Plus 7 Pro is definitely not Pro. Like the Aipower Soft app would always crash while using it DEX is so much better.No wireless charging] The Note 10+ is just a joy to use plus I got my Themes back. [ I have like 30] I use Focal Listen Wireless headphones so I don't miss the headphone jack. The Aura Glo looks great with my Ghostek clear case [ thanks Flossy] Alas to HTC bummer .. I still have my HTC U11 and the Aipower app works great with that when I want to play Final Fantasy Tactics on a 32-inch screen.

  6. This Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is a beast of a phone! I'm loving it heaps! I've been a Note person since 2012. Maybe the audio jack will come back on the next Note in August '20? Maybe the next Note will have built-in iris scanner and camera? That makes sense right? Make everything built-in on the screen, also with excellent battery life. Now, that's a Note 11 series worth keeping forever!

  7. Got mine Sunday. I'm already starting to hear crackling every now and then. I haven't dropped it, slapped it, nothing. I don't know why this is happening but if someone can help that'd be greatly appreciated.

  8. I have an 11 pro great phone. But still like I’ve always said. Fuck Apple. I hope there headquarters get nuked seriously. There’s always little shit missing like customizing control bar, deleting large volumes of storage instead of one by one clicking, an iPen to draw, etc etc I can go on forever…and when you talk to their Genius Bar you will lose brain cells… pathetic as fuck..don’t care if the phone is still great. It’s like having pretty eyes pretty smile pretty jawline but your missing your fucking nose.

    Why do you think they disable their comments and Samsung doesn’t?

    Thumbs up so people can spread the truth!! Please copy paste this everywhere!!! Bring awareness!!

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