⚽ Newcastle vs Sunderland – St James' Park & Stadium of Light – Stadium Tour

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The North East of England is home to two of football fiercest rivals – Newcastle & Sunderland. Together, they contest the Tyne & Wear Derby. But which one should you visit – St James’ Park or the Stadium of Light? Find out in this episode.

Ninh Ly (a Manchester United fan) presents ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ – a brand new YouTube channel to explore cool things to do before you die. From swimming with dolphins, to jumping off cranes, to gambling in Vegas. Follow me on my journey to tick off things on my bucket list and give you travel tips and advice so that you can start your own. Come on guys, live a little!

Life is too short. Do you feel that your life is slipping away?
Have you fulfilled your life’s wishes? Or travelled the world?
This channel is to provide you with ideas to tick off your bucket list.

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Video: Copyright Ninh Ly 2019, Newcastle United FC, Sunderland AFC.
Images: Ninh Ly
Music: ‘United’ by Platinum EDM, ‘Alive’ by Ikson, ‘Going Home’ by Mark Knopfler, ‘Dance of the Knights’ by Sergey Prokofiev.
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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25 thoughts on “⚽ Newcastle vs Sunderland – St James' Park & Stadium of Light – Stadium Tour


    1) A lot of you will be asking me why I didn’t wear the opposing team’s shirt for these tours. Sadly, I’m not made of money to keep buying different football shirts … and to be honest – I didn’t think anybody would care even if I did.

    2) Two people actually recognised me from the Glasgow video, so I think the jig is up with that format.

    3) I also didn’t wear my Manchester United shirt because it was zero degrees outside and I was dying of a cold. (Still am).

    4) If you’ve been on the tour with Ricky or John, let me know in the comments section below. Good men deserve good karma!

    5) To all the sad haters who subscribe just to leave dislikes – you do realise you’re helping my view count and engagement scores right? It’d be infinitely worse if you didn’t click on the video at all. Seriously.

  2. I liked the song playing in the Sunderland players tunnel, would definitely be pumped going out to the pitch. Oh, and if you ever find yourself in America a tour over at the galaxy's stadium would be a good shout.

  3. Can you do a league table of away team dressing rooms?? 😂😂

    Are you getting stadium tour fatigue? I’ve done a few and they all follow a similar format and amount to the same thing! Not slagging or running you down, just curious!

    Keep up the good work! Love the channel!

  4. As a mackem it’s just really sad how far the clubs has gone down hill 3 year ago the stadium was packed over around 40,000 now, we can’t even get over 30,000 but at the end of the day can’t really blame them on how the situation is folding out at the moment. Anyway got to admit both stadiums equally impressive looking hopefully you had a canny time up here and hopefully next time we’ll see yas is when we play back in the prem hopefully onwards and upwards S.T.I.D 😁🤞🤞🟥⬜️

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