Your next budget $800 Gaming Laptop! – Asus FX505DT Review

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This video is sponsored by AMD and Office Depot OfficeMax.
Check out the Asus TUF FX505DT here!

In today’s review we’ll be checking out the Asus TUF FX505DT and how fairs in a university/school as well as its 1080p gaming performance in various titles like CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and more!

AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Mobile H-Series processors are designed for gamers and content creators who need the performance boost of a discrete graphics card.

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34 thoughts on “Your next budget $800 Gaming Laptop! – Asus FX505DT Review

  1. Finally back with that laptop review video I promised! I've been out for a while with a really bad sickness + school finals but now I'm wrapping it all up.

    Also, CES 2020 is confirmed!

  2. I own these fx505 but with last gen spec(i5 8300H, gtx1050TI,sshd 1tb) and it absolutely great for budget laptop. The screen color and cooling fan is better than nitro 5 (similar spec one) and fps wise it almost the same with lenovo legion y530 and asus rog (forgot the code, but same spec). One thing that mediocre is the battery life tho, using it for browsing and do some machine learning (cpu usage 23-30%, not relying on pararel cpu usage, mostly single core/thread) and it can hold for about 2-4 hour… and if you want laptop that not "screaming" gaming then this one is good coz just turn off its rgb and you get normal looking laptop. heck, when i take it to class, my friend didnt even know its a gaming laptop before they see the TUF sticker below keyboard ( i turn off the rgb coz of some reason tho :p)

  3. I got a laptop with rryzen 3750h and 1650 gtx.

    But the laptop is using the Radeon gpu not the 1650 gtx, my fps in lol is 70 fps on the lowest settings…

    Do anyone know how to switch from the radeon to the invidia ?

  4. My Dell G3 laptop is a 60hz while my home rig is running 144hz and I just say the dull display + 60hz (90hz overclocked) kills gaming on it for me. I can play Skyrim and other small PvE games on it, but the display difference dissuades me from playing R6, PUBG, MW, etc

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