When Reporters Provoke Tennis Players (Angry Reactions!)

Thể Thao

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20 thoughts on “When Reporters Provoke Tennis Players (Angry Reactions!)

  1. well, both Kyrgios and Djoko have very confrontational personalities, so they are easy targets to pick for journalists…other players are there just to give some bland boring PC answers and fuck off, these two actually express their characters on full display.

  2. These journalists are so rude. 🙁 Why do they talk to the tennis players like that? It's so below-the-belt condescending. But I think most of the players handled it very well. They didn't lose it and proved they were mature and level-headed enough even when angry.

  3. Congratulations
    Congratulations? Are you serious? I lost
    Oh…so what happened out there?

    LOL!!! Some reporters really are the bottom of the barrel. No wonder athletes hate speaking to the media.

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