Samsung – They Are Finally Doing It Right

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Samsung has finally gotten better at software updates. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be revealed at CES 2020.

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24 thoughts on “Samsung – They Are Finally Doing It Right

  1. Any idea WHEN Goodlock will be updated so it can actually work?!
    The android 10 update was shiny & full of things I don't really use. I do however like to customize my phone & now I cant. No lockstar,
    no navstar, multistar & no task changer. Also, No one wants to answer the question

  2. I will never switch to another brand. I love Samsung devices. There has to be a reason why Samsung waits for a long time until they release the Google updates. Please find out why they do this for us Sal. Im in the states and I'm with Verizon.

  3. Still haven't received the Android 10, One UI 2.0 update for my Note 9. For only being a little over a year old, it is a bit frustrating. Samsung seems to not care if you have anything older than their most current release.

  4. Samsung really needs to expand their support because the two year thing is just bad. My note 8 can run dare I say two more major Android updates but no….. Samsung in all their wisdom have ended it at pie….. It should have 10 because it shipped with nougat around the time oreo was even released…..

  5. With the 10 series, I've been getting monthly updates the past 4 months since I switched over (except it's 2 weeks after the Pixel but it's fine) Even got Android 10 2 weeks ago so I'm happy with OneUI.

  6. Just stop buying flagship devices. Given how many awesome budget / mid range phones there are, paying more than 1k for any phone is silly since the feature and benefits are really marginal.

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