Samsung One Ui 2.0 with Android 10 Official Update – Top Features

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Samsung One Ui 2.0 is now being aggressively released around the world. One Ui 2.0 has Android 10 and is mostly being pushed to Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, as well as S10e. Note 10 and 10 Plus are also in queue to receive it by Jan or Feb of 2020.

In this video, we will explore all the new features of the One Ui 2.0 with Android 10.

Let’s dive in.

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30 thoughts on “Samsung One Ui 2.0 with Android 10 Official Update – Top Features

  1. One thing you glossed over in Pro camera mode… ISO goes up to 3200 where before it only went to 800. And shutter speed has increased to allow a 30 second long exposure photo. Prior to this it was only 10 seconds. You can beat all other phones with Nite Mode using this option.

  2. I'm kind of disappointed in you Saki. The feature of restoring pictures from trash was the same. The camera modes were user selectable in settings, and let you choose which to display. Only new difference is they added a "more" button. Another extra button is less clean to me.

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