NEW YORK: 'Big Bus' City tour | He insulted me | My Bad Experience

Du Lịch

On the 28th day of my US trip (May 2018), I booked Hop on-hop off ‘Big Bus’ tour to see the popular tourist attractions in New York. I had a bad experience with the Big Bus tour Guide. Watch this video to see the Staten Island ferry tour to see the glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, New York. Also, see the New York’s Central Park.

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50 thoughts on “NEW YORK: 'Big Bus' City tour | He insulted me | My Bad Experience

  1. Although Kevin was speaking in his natural speed and accent, where he went WRONG was " not having Respect for fellow passenger's sentiment ".
    That thing neither American nor Indian modern schools bother to teach.

  2. i know.. american speak different types of accent … its difficult to understand of some other people…first thing it was not your fault to understand him..they have bad habit of american native speaker..i dont like black american native speaker

  3. Don’t be a crybaby brother. Nobody complaining as much as you are.
    Actually, the way you put the request was bit harsh on him( I felt so).
    Try not dragging things too much when you’re in USA.
    I found his vocal speed okay.

  4. As an Indian, when you were kid you were told about US and UK only, and when you grow you realise that, these two are the worst countries you can visit. Wealth , jobopportunities, and big buildings is not everything.

  5. भाई आप के सारे वीडियो बहुत अच्छे है देखते देखते कब समय निकल जाता है पता ही नही चलता best of luck 👍👍👍

  6. There are lot of Indians who look down upon ladies who speak in Hindi and wear Indian dresses and call them Bhenji and think they are 2nd class passholders when they board 1st class compartments in trains in Mumbai, even when they are holding 1st class passes. Even in India people face discrimination based on dressing and language. India me Indian dresses pehenna aur Hindi bolna guna ho Gaya hai. Even the corporates behave the same. Indians have yet not come out of the slave mentality even after 70 years.

  7. This is the difference between America and rest of the world. No one will make fun of you for not understand your language or accent. There was no need for Kevin to make fun of you!
    We treat our guests in India so well. Yes the place may not e as developed, but people treat you well and you never feel unwelcome. In America, they make tourists feel unwelcome.

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