38 thoughts on “Naomi Osaka vs Coco Gauff | US Open 2019 R3 Highlights

  1. USTA did their best. The draws were planned to eliminate Osaka and for that matter all players who could defeat Serena. Including halep and Bianca. They almost succeeded as well saw that Serena did not play a single top seed player throughout the tournament.

  2. Naomi Osaka is a great champion…… I hope she will always be victorious.

  3. I don't understand how a non-Japanese is allowed to play for Japan but that's the post-WW2 genocidal destruction and abuse of Japan for you. Same is doe to Germany. The J$ws of this site systematically promote and help organize it then recommend the video to me boasting about it. Disgusting. Truly could hardly be more insulting. Japan will always be Japanese not Black. She should move to the U.S or sth.

  4. Osaka doesn't deserve to be put up on a pedestal! The judge's helped her win when she played serena williams. I'm sure they're doing the same when it comes to other matches as well. I can't support her. I'm not going to pretend she winning on her own and deserves the notoriety she's getting!

  5. I wonder what Sharapova was thinking about the post match interview after watching this match. She must have been like – these players are so fake. Nothing as friends can ever exist on the women's tour. And then the bulbs of her brains will light up like oh yeah even I have been so fake all this time because even I have a few friends on the tour. Lol.

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