Loại Bỏ Mụn Đầu Đen – Mụn Ẩn – Remove Blackheads At Sapa Loan Nguyễn [HD #1]

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Loại Bỏ Mụn Đầu Đen – Mụn Ẩn – Remove Blackheads At Sapa Loan Nguyễn [HD #1]
– Spa Loan Nguyễn – Địa chỉ : 135/1 Lê Đình Lý – Đà Nẵng – Hotline: 0905.712.220
Siêu Mụn Lớn Qúa Trời Nặn Mãi Mới Được – Remove Big Acne On Face – Sapa Loan Nguyen – YouTube
— Massage Mặt – Làm Mịn Da – Massage Face Skin – The final step of treating acne – YouTube
—Nặn Mụn Cho Cụ Ông 60 Tuổi – Mụn Lâu Năm Cứng Quá Trời – Squeeze Acne For 60-Year-Old Tool – YouTube
— Trị Mụn Đầu Đen Nhanh Lành Nhất Tại Spa Loan Nguyễn – Acne Treatment At Loan Nguyen Spa – YouTube

When you come to Spa Loan Nguyen, You dont need too concern about blackheads, whiteheads ang so on, Just need a little seconds we will help you remove all of it. we are able to bring back for you pretty face skins.
Well come to Sapa Loan Nguyen to bring back your beaitifu skins. Thanks all of you.
Videas belong by Spa Loan Nguyen

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29 thoughts on “Loại Bỏ Mụn Đầu Đen – Mụn Ẩn – Remove Blackheads At Sapa Loan Nguyễn [HD #1]

  1. Ah! I just realized that "sapa" is a typo, and it's really "spa" Loan Nguyen. There are a lot of videos I didn't know were from Spa Loan Nguyen. There's even a picture of the spa when you get into the video. Glad to know there are many more than I had known.

  2. They obviously like to try and lift out the whole blackhead in one go..but some of them needed to b squeezed after because stuff was left in the pores and some just needing squeezing rather than being faffed with!

  3. Okay. I’be been watching these videos for awhile now. Not one goes by that multiple people don’t complain that the pores are not completely emptied. Some have responses from her on other comments. So I’m pretty sure she reads some. And she has not changed her method of popping! She may see better than you can via camera. Either way, the complaints keep rolling in! Face the facts! She is not going to change for you! Enough! Whew! I feel better now!

  4. 옆에서 실제로보면 뽁뽁뽁하고 소리나면서 뽑힐꺼같음;; 바늘로 뽁뽁 뽑을때마다 나도모르게 추임새 넣고있음; 뽁~이러면서🤣🤣

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