Fastest EVER ATP Backhands ⚡️

Thể Thao

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48 thoughts on “Fastest EVER ATP Backhands ⚡️

  1. SO many of these backhands don't have the speeds labeled (Shapovalov and Wavrinka) but of those speeds indicated… in mph…
    1) Gasquet 1H – 103mph 2) Murray 2H – 99.5mph 3) Thiem 1H – 97.55mph 4) Gasquet 1H – 97mph 5) Nadal 2H – 96mph 6) Federer 1H – 91.3mph 7) Nadal 2H – 91mph 8) Murray 2H – 84.3mph


  2. When there is no measure of the ball speed (most of the displayed) it is really difficult to acknowledge the relevancy of the title "Fastest ever". Some of the displayed are witty, surprising, elegant, blocked or heavy topspin backhands but not necessarily fast (distinct from spin speed). I agree that it is not always possible to have the speed measure displayed but for instance the one of Thiem against Nadal (10:00) is definitely not a fast backhand.

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