43 thoughts on “Chance Cancels Tour | The Joe Budden Podcast

  1. I think what joe is saying is when you know the language it’s obvious even T-Pain has spoke about this when you know you know especially when you been in the bussiness you see thru the smoke and raruy should know that

  2. Chance is trash. No hate but I've never seen it. His voice is aweful and no connection with the music. Just sounds like processed garbage. And dudes right outside of acid rap nobody listens to chance. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. This actually goes to show that Kanye IS A GENIUS!!
    Kanye has the HIGHEST dodge CANCEL and irrelevance rate in history.😅
    When Chance was acting funny w Ye, I knew his music would decline in flagrance. 🤷🏾‍♀️
    Luv Chance tho!

  4. Joe just be talking but not listening. Rory was trynna explain the same thing and Joe always wanna argue. It's DRESSED UP! I knew Chance wasn't selling tickets as soon as he postponed the tour. Flop.

  5. Chance tries & and gives back to the community. Every record can't be a winner. I'm old and typically dont buy ANY albums- HOWEVER- I will buy this one. I've seen him do way too much for others to NOT help out. I do agree he should do smaller venues.

  6. I think the album flopping, the cracks/fuck ups in his squeaky clean image, alienated his core fan base, and the fact that he’s an industry plant led to all of this. As far as Joe saying Chance leading the next decade, I think Dababy snatched those Chances (no pun intended).

  7. Hmmmm… If I was Chance I would do lay low for the next two years, do acting, side projects, write for others.

    Then 2022…. Acid Rap 10th anniversary tour, then at the end of the tour announce Acid Rap 2 or another project.

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