Nick Kyrgios Defeats Daniil Medvedev for Title | Washington 2019 Final Highlights

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Nick Kyrgios claimed the Citi Open title with a little help from a fan… Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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50 thoughts on “Nick Kyrgios Defeats Daniil Medvedev for Title | Washington 2019 Final Highlights

  1. If he plays much more seriously, he can give Fed-Nadal-Djokovic and the other next-gen a run for their money. Probably would be the next in line to be one of the greatest tennis players the game has ever had.

  2. Well, at least Daniil went on to have a great US Open. As a Rafael fan first (Nole fan second), I think Medvedev is the real deal. If he doesn't win a Major next year, I'd honestly be surprised.

  3. Kyrgios has great touch, instinct and shots. No doubt. But… winning slams and Masters is a total different thing. Especially slams. All players are super motivated. You need concentration and physical strength over 5 sets and full two weeks..
    Players like Fed and Djokovic just play him out physically and mentally in a long match st some point. You dont win a Slam with tweeners and entertaining shots. I don't see Kyrgios even close to a GS final.

  4. I respect that he said honestly this past Wimbledon that he'll never be a top player because he won't put in the day to day work like Nadal, Federer, Djokovic. I think when he decides to, he'll easily be #1, and just like Agassi, his low-self-esteem antics will fade away too, with the true grit and self-respect it takes to push yourself to those higher levels.

  5. Kyrgious is a kind of a guy if it goes his way, he showboats but if it doesn't, he throws tantrums, disrespects opponent, referee and even the audience. He is the enemy of his own. He has to beat himself to win himself.

  6. He’s trying to have fun because he knows he plays better that way. Tennis is a highly psychological sport – especially at this level. He should get better with age as he settles down a bit.

  7. When he isn't ranting and raving at the Umpire, smashing his racket or arguing with the crowd he plays probably the most entertaining tennis in the world. I mean this was just worth paying money to watch. That drop shot was top draw, he has fantastic, delicate touch for a big man. This man would win a grand slam if he could get rid of the petulance, he is so talented

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  9. kygios has usually a poor serve. occasionally he hits a hard one, but most of the time he has this exaggerated action which makes it look like all the power in the world is going into the serve but then the serve turns out to be like 10 mph. then he does these unnecessary drop shots between his legs while doing a little jump. it doesnt look good either. it looks clumsy. dustin brown on the other hand does these tricks and they look natural. so kyrgios is forcing these trick shots. his backhand except occasionally is also weak. this is why he will never win a grand slam. he won in washington because there were none of the top players there, just the nextgen. kyrgios is no longer nextgen. he was when he beat nadal at wimbledon. but now he is a failed newgen, now a senior player whereas tsitsipas and co are the nextgen now and out of them only thiem shows true potential and only on clay, having made two roland garros finals, won on clay masters against nadal, and beaten djokovic at roland garros.tsitsipas has been compared to federer, but he is nothing like federer, except for having a one handed backhand. i like tsitsipas' hair though. like a greek god.

  10. Nick you could really be the best next man for tennis! You only need to concentrate and give it more passion. You have the skills to be a multiple grand slam champion. Stay cool my man!

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