46 thoughts on “How To Always Hatch A LEGENDARY Arctic Reindeer Roblox Adopt Me Hack

  1. Heey, I'd really like to get the giraffe! (I know it is a lot to ask) I used to have it, but my old account got banned because someone reported my for scam because I gave her a griffin instead of a dragon for free. ;-; I really enjoy your content, it made me feel more confident to spend money for the Christmas eggs, and I got the reindeer! So tysm for that <3

    Roblox Username: NiceNikkiLunaLove

  2. Hiiiii I’m new to your channel I love you roblox avatar and I was hopeing you could Mabey give me a fly potion but if not it’s cool also sadly this hack did not work but whatever bye lol username is: Galaxy_wolf616

  3. Hi JessEmma I always wished for a fly potion in adopt me for Christmas and I hope you will be able to give me one….
    My username is TheDarkWolfPlays. 🎉Merry Christmas!🎉🎄

  4. Hoi my username is luddgardin
    And i REALLY want a ride potion😋
    And i love you’re channel and this hack ACTUALLY WORKED OMG TYSM IMA SUB NOW BECUSE YOU ARE NOT A CLICKBAIT CHANNEL❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I liked comment subbed n turned on notification unicorngamer11247
    I’m new to ur channel I haven’t tried it yet but u is very pretty n very nice n I would love to meet u in roblox I have a virus so u n n the others make me so happy thank u so much😩❤️

  6. My Roblox name: LoginHecker
    I ALWAYS WANTED A FLYING POTION!!!!!OR A LEGENDARY UNICORN!!!!!!REALLY!!!!😆😆😆😆AND I TRY WILL TRY THIS HACK (Yeah i call it hack because i have only robins)

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