48 thoughts on “Battle between homeowner and HOA over truck could lead to foreclosure

  1. Never understood why someone would move into an HOA neighborhood and then decide they don't like the rules. There are plenty of neighborhoods that don't have these restrictions.
    People are stupid.

  2. I choose not to be in an HOA, this is a debatable point, as far as the definition of "junk". I notice they play the "veteran "card. At the end of the day, he chose to live there, knowing they had rules.

  3. all because this guy doesn't mind driving an old truck, but people expect everyone to have a new vehicle & make payments. I have an older vehicle I drive because it was cheep and I paid cash when i purchased it & don't have to make payments. MY HOA told me my fence was painted the wrong color& I need to re paint it. After I contacted them to confirm the color, but they just tell me that person I talked to doesn't work there any more.

  4. HOA needs to go away HOA all it does is control the human race they're trying to make robots out of people live one way or certain way and you're not free anymore totally the opposite of what the United States stands for

  5. H……..O………..A my grandmother fought tooth and nail her hoa….for 20 years she was in the trenches god rest her soul….it got so bad that some of her neighbor greased the palms of the landscaper to spray round up on her Rose bushes…..unbeknownst to them she had cct….. this all happened in a senior living park…..there's more but that's for a mother time

  6. When I went house shopping for my first home, I saw a beautiful home. I had to have it. I was told it has an HOA. I had no idea at the time what that was. I asked what that means to me. Fuck it! I ain’t buying a house that I can’t do what I want to do in it. I will never buy a house with HOA to it.

  7. Yep my hoa lost when they told me I could not have my fully restored 1947 Willis Jeep I have three vehicles and one I drive everyday witch is a 1972 Cutlass btw they don't like that car either and a open cab 78 international scout the Court ruled in my favor and a year later I'm vice president of the HOA btw the old prez moved away after I was voted in lol

  8. HOA is a bunch of bullshit and people that buy into that nonsense is pretty stupid, it’s your home, you buy that home with your hard earned money and then the hoa wants to tell you how to run your home or when to mow or tell you what color to paint your home , fuck that I will paint my home any color I want cause I bought that home not you , plain and simple

  9. Hoa is money hungry they dont care about the law or ur ass they think dont follow or pay up or i sue for anything….. there fore the homeowner sure file a bigger lawsuit on HOA & have them banned & jailed cuz what HOA is doing is fraud & scamming people

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