Medvedev Surges Past Djokovic; Goffin Hits Milestone | Cincinnati 2019 Semi-Final Highlights

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Daniil Medvedev stunned the defending champ and will face David Goffin in the final at Cincy Tennis … Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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45 thoughts on “Medvedev Surges Past Djokovic; Goffin Hits Milestone | Cincinnati 2019 Semi-Final Highlights

  1. I was at the match, and it was amazing how the Mednedev fans (or butt hurt Federer fans who cheered out of spite) came out of the wood work at his first break point in the 2nd set, Djokovic was taken back by the uproar before his serve and lost. Med had all the momentum and his adjustment to bang the 2nd serves was too much for Djokovic to handle. Novak just got a little careless in the 2nd set after winning fairly easily the first set, his serve was never challenged. He had a handful of backhand drop shots and slices that were catching the tape, but he also got away from making Med run. You could see him doing that in the 1st set highlights, yet he got away from that, or instead thinking that Med struggled on drop shots, but they just weren’t worth the risk when he was missing them time and time again. Once Med found some rhythm/confidence in the 2nd set, Djokovic had no answer.

  2. Remember I use to hate when djokovic was dominating Nadal starting in 2011.Have to admit that not only he gain my respect he is in my opinion the most complete tennis player of all times and a great role model.Hope he keeps playing for many more years

  3. Some scenes where Gasquet is not aware of what is going on and makes the wrong hit. Rather often in tennis problably because of percentage training.
    Medwedev is hot in the next tournament. Good conogratulation from Djokovic.

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