Best ATP Shots By Next Gen Finalists In 2019!

Thể Thao

An example of the talent on show in Milan! Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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28 thoughts on “Best ATP Shots By Next Gen Finalists In 2019!

  1. Tbh I feel like having the Next Gen Finals tournament just divides the young players from the rest of the field and does more to hurt the game than to help it. I know that it’s a way to advertise the young players and see them go head to head like we will probably come to see a lot more in the coming years, but I feel like the purpose of bringing attention to the next generation just separates them from the rest of the tour more than if they didn’t have this tournament. Rather than strengthening the players, it seems to weaken them by implying that at this point in their career they should only play against these young players. The true way to strengthen them is to make them earn their attention as the next generation by beating the top players and winning tournaments. This seems a bit forced and makes it seem like they can’t earn the attention themselves and it needs to be forced upon people that they are the “next generation.” Basically, the way to show people the next generation is not to make an entire tournament dedicated just to them, but it’s to allow them to earn their attention as the next generation and to prove it to people rather than to force it upon people.

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