Best ATP Jumping Winners!

Thể Thao

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40 thoughts on “Best ATP Jumping Winners!

  1. all very nice, kudos for the highlights, however… this video need some corrections. First thing first: Where is Dustin Brown? Also You put this wierd jumping drop shot from the Kyrgios match in Washington, but You forgot to include the slam dunk he hit to finish the first set of this very match :). It was awesome! Also a little suggestion: more Pete's slam dunks and more of jumping backhand smashes by Roger.

  2. I know that those vaporising jumped forehands of monfils are insane and that jumped backhand by shapovalov is rather special but I still think that sampras is the real king. The height and hangtime to smash a ball is almost unreal. Plus: it's his signature move, and something he is legendary for.

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