47 thoughts on “Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal Extended Highlights | US Open 2019 Final

  1. If Nadal would have lost this match it would have hurt more than 2018 Wimbledon . I can understand the ineffable pain of Federer and his fans for this year's Wimbledon . I am a rafa fan but i so desperately wanted roger to win Wimbledon this year that inspite of being an ardent of cricket i didn't watch world cup final for Wimbledon but sports is cruel sometimes

  2. Greatest Australian match ever Nadal vs verdasco 2009 semi final

    Greatest French match ever Nadal vs djokovic 2013 semi final

    Greatest Wimbledon match ever Nadal vs federer 2008 final

    Greatest US match ever Nadal vs medvedev 2019 final

  3. Nadal is "too BIG, too FAST, too STRONG, and simply TOO GOOD"! 😀 I agree, off course. His intensity and power stays through 5 sets, if necessary, he is relentless!

  4. Seeing Nadal continually add to his game and winning, from a gamer’s standpoint, is just astounding. He has had already a lot of success, but to still have a student’s mindset is probably the real reason for his success. At one point, he stated after US Open 2010, why his game doesn’t need a Big first serve, that’s 130 plus, and watching his game, you understand why. His serve only needs to be precise enough to do what he needs, to set himself up in position to land his best shot, the forehand, or whatever play he is going to make. His game is essentially based on court position and creating space. A big serve with little quality at times won’t accomplish that. But now in his advanced age, he does need a bigger first serve, at least maybe 120, from time to time, or at least a serve that creates enough of an effect that either sets himself up for his next shot, to deny chances of being out of position, to run less, but more importantly, to get more cheap or short points. You’d be hard pressed to find a shot/play that Rafa has in his main game that is not needed. How he adheres to utility is a huge part of what makes him so successful. There have been players where I question things like, does his game really need that big first serve, or does he really need to take the risk to hit those ad court forehands from the tram lines?
    Tennis is still a game at the end of the day, and understanding applicable utility is a fundamental that I feel some players forget when aiming for success.

  5. タイムバイオレーションなんて誰も見たくねーよ、厳しすぎだよ。

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